Trauma and Crime Scene

Helping Santa Barbara and Ventura Recover from Trauma

Trauma Crime Scene Restoration Santa Barbara Ventura1

QwikResponse is Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties' premier, local crime scene clean up and biohazard remediation company. If you’ve experienced a trauma and are overwhelmed with what to do next, we can help you quickly get back on track by cleaning the area of any dangerous or disturbing bodily fluids, and restoring your home or business to its original condition.

From the moment we arrive, our teams are trained to use compassion, discretion and communication skills. Our technicians use a formal process of containment, cleaning and disinfecting all areas containing dangerous or disturbing bodily fluids. In addition to blood and bodily fluid clean up, our techs have the proper training to remediate a scene after law enforcement or crime scene investigators have left tear gas, fingerprint power, or luminol spray. These kinds of chemicals can leave toxic residues that may stain or sicken future occupants.