Sewage Cleanup

Making Santa Barbara and Ventura Safe after Sewage Threats

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Sewer backups don’t just smell bad but they pose a serious threat to your health. Black water that comes from your sewage pipes may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that can kill you or cause serious illness. QwikResponse technicians have special training and equipment to safely and quickly clean biohazards like sewage backup.

Sewage backed up out of toilets, sinks and shower drains, what now?
Some sewage can be cleaned up yourself. If it’s a small back up into your bathtub it’s easy to clean with the right protection. But if it overflows onto carpets, vinyl flooring and into walls you should consider having a professional do the work.

We can’t stress enough the health hazard posed if a sewage back up is not cleaned properly. The first step to reducing the contaminated area is stopping the flow of sewage, turning off electricity and vacating the sewage contaminated areas right away unless you’re wearing the appropriate protective equipment.

Tip: If there’s a long wait for help and you’re going to attempt to cleanup yourself wear gloves and a face mask. Do not let any sewage near your eyes or mouth. Try and use disposable water proof glove and a high-quality face-mask. Limit all skin contact to the liquid and wash your clothes when you’re done. Health safety is the most important thing to remember when dealing with sewage or sceptic backups.


Sewage Clean Up in Santa Barbara and Ventura County

Steve and Cheyne

All of our services start with a face to face inspection where we determine the extent of the damage and take immediate action if necessary. For sewage and sceptic backup it starts with stopping the flow of black water and containing the affected area. Timing is everything. Sewage water can and will permeate everything it touches so stopping the flow of liquid is key.

Other services include:

  • 1-hour Emergency Response
  • Setting up safety zones
  • Clear out and clean up affected areas
  • Wet carpet water extraction and cleaning
  • Mold remediation may be required
  • Complete reconstruction if necessary